🎙️ Podcast: Web3 in Travel

An introduction to Web3, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for anyone interested or working in the travel industry. This podcast sets the base to understand this new environment and start the journey.

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The Author

Luca De Giglio has always been 10 years ahead in the vacation rentals industry and is also one of the most experienced thought leaders, having been in the industry since 2001.
He created an “Airbnb before Airbnb” lifestyle business 7 years before Airbnb, and this funded his world travels for 10 years.
He was a digital nomad and had a travel blog before these terms were even invented.
He speaks 7 languages.
When Airbnb disrupted everything, he launched a startup serving Hosts and Property Managers but quickly realized there was a strong imbalance in the ecosystem, where OTAs have too much power and extract too much of the value.
In 2013, he got involved in Bitcoin and in 2017 he finally saw the light with Ethereum’s promise to create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
He realized this is the internet for the next two decades and jumped right into it.
He set up on a mission to ride the wave of the new internet, where value extracting OTAs business models will become obsolete in a few years.
With Trips and the Community, he wants to create a neutral booking platform where value is captured and distributed at the network level, with no companies and hierarchical structures.
Trips is a partner with Origin Protocol, a Silicon Valley Startup setting up the protocols for the Web 3.0 on which Trips will operate.
Luca is a director of the Singapore based Origin Protocol Foundation LTD.